2024 PCRA Scholarship Program

The Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association is pleased to announce the awarding of a $500 scholarship to two Pennsylvania students who are actively engaged in the study of court reporting.  Note: All scholarship awards are taxable income for the recipient.

How to Apply

NOTE: For an application to be considered complete, a scholarship application and faculty nomination must be submitted for each student.  Applications without accompanying nominations will not be considered.

Who is Eligible?
All Pennsylvania students who are actively engaged in the study of court reporting are eligible to apply.  Each applicant shall have completed at least one semester of court reporting school.

Please note an individual may only be awarded the scholarship once.

How do I Apply?

The application process is closed. 

There are three different components which must be completed. All three must be received by the deadline to be eligible.

  • Submit Student Application & Student Application Essay (Included in Student Application Form above).  You may also include any additional information about yourself, such as a resume or letters of recommendation.
  • Submit Instructor/Member Nomination (to be completed by an instructor or Professional PCRA Member).  This form is to be submitted separately by the instructor/Professional PCRA member. (See link above)

It is the Applicant’s responsibility to see that all three components/forms are submitted to PCRA by April 5, 2024.

What are the Guidelines?
The following guidelines will be used to judge applicants:

  • Scholastic accomplishments
  • Student Applicant’s Essay
  • Personal/telephone interview (at the discretion of PCRA Scholarship Committee)


  • The recipient(s) of the award will receive a scholarship in the amount of $500 (the scholarship award is taxable income for recipient).
  • The recipient(s) of the award shall be notified within two weeks of being selected.
  • The announcement of the recipient(s) will be published in the PCRA newsletter and the PCRA website and Facebook pages.  The recipient(s) will be recognized at the next Annual Convention Business Meeting and will be invited to attend the PCRA annual convention on that date as a guest of the PCRA Board of Directors.
  • Recipient(s) will receive a one-year complimentary student membership to PCRA.

PCRA has the final decision regarding the award. At the discretion of PCRA, the award may not be given.


Past PCRA Scholarship Recipients

2023 Recipients
Bianca Blocker - Plaza College
Lettia DeNormandie - Community College of Allegheny County

2022 Recipients
Brooke Spencer - College of Court Reporting
Katelynn Steich - Community College of Allegheny County

2021 Recipients
Loretta Berrigan - Community College of Allegheny County
Olivia Sherrick - Luzerne County Community College

2020 Recipients
Jennifer M. Gale - Community College of Allegheny County
Ashley Pauline - Luzerne County Community College

2019 Recipients
Jennifer J. Ferenz - Arlington Career Institute
Ryan Freedman - Luzerne County Community College