Code of Ethics

Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association’s Code of Professional Ethics

A Member shall:

  1. Be fair and impartial toward each participant in all aspects of reported proceedings.
  2. Be alert to situations that are conflicts of interest or that might give the appearance of a conflict of interest. If a conflict or potential conflict arises, the Member shall disclose that conflict or potential conflict.
  3. Guard against not only the fact but also the appearance of impropriety.
  4. Preserve the confidentiality and ensure the security of information, oral or written, entrusted to the Member by any of the parties in a proceeding.
  5. Be truthful and accurate when making public statements or when advertising the Member's qualifications or the services provided. This shall include the use of such designations as CSR, CRR, RPR, et cetera.
  6. Refrain, as an official reporter, from activities that interfere with official duties and obligations.
  7. Determine fees independently, except when established by statute or court order, entering into no unlawful agreements with other reporters on the fees to any user.
  8. Refrain from giving, directly or indirectly, any gift, incentive, reward or anything of value to attorneys, clients or their representatives or agents, except for nominal items that do not exceed $25 per transaction and $50 in the aggregate per recipient each year.
  9. Maintain the integrity of the reporting profession.

Last updated October 2008