Board of Directors

Title: Name:

Colleen Wentz, RMR, CRR

President-Elect Megan Burlew, RPR


Cheryl Hansberry, RDR, CRR, CCP

Immediate Past President Melissa Hoffman, RPR

District 1 Director

Nancy Natale, RPR

District 2 Director

 Veronica Rheam, RMR

District 3 Director

Lori ScaliseLori Scalise, RPR

District 4 Director

Christine Mumper

District 5 Director

Sarah E. Volk

District 6 Director

Sharon AlexanderSharon Alexander

District 7 Director

John Toronzi, RPR, CRR, CSR


District 8 Director

Debra Flamer, RPR


PCRA Board Meetings

The PCRA Board of Directors meets in person twice per year (at convention, and then again in the fall) and conducts Zoom meetings in the interim.  PCRA members in good standing are welcome to attend or listen in on board meetings.  However, members in good standing requesting participation in Board meetings must email Tammy K Linn, Executive Director, at [email protected] in advance.  Upon verification of member standing, attendance details (Zoom information) will be provided. 

Check out PCRA's list of Upcoming Events for details on future board and district meetings.