The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts is recommending to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania the adoption of amendments to the Uniform Rules Governing Court Reporting and Transcripts eliminating the Committee on Court Reporting and Transcripts and providing for a minimum 30-day public comment period for any proposed transcript rate increase in a judicial district.

The public comment period ends September 3, and PCRA needs YOU to respond to the proposed amendments and urge the AOPC and the PA Supreme Court to keep the Committee!

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Use PCRA's Talking Points to Craft Your Response

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All interested persons are invited to submit suggestions, comments, or objections. All communications in reference to this proposal should be submitted no later than September 3, 2019 to:

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
ATTN: Judicial Operations & Programs
601 Commonwealth Avenue
P.O. Box 61260
Harrisburg, PA 17106
[email protected]