PCRA Annual Business Meeting and Election Information

Dear Colleague:

Pursuant to Article VII of the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee respectfully submits the following recommended slate of officers for the 2020-2021 year:

Linda Larson, CSR, RPR, CLR, CRI – President
Colleen Wentz, RMR, CRR – President-Elect
Melissa Hoffman, RPR - Secretary-Treasurer

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 3 (E) of the Bylaws, this slate will be voted upon at the Annual Business Meeting, which will be held at the Nittany Lion Inn in State College, Pennsylvania on Saturday, May 2, 2020.

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 3 (D) of the Bylaws, any nomination challenging a proposed nominee shall be received via U.S. Postal Service, certified mail, return receipt requested, at the business address of PCRA at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Said challenging nominee must be supported by the signatures of at least twenty-five (25) members eligible to vote and consist of not more than five (5) from any one District. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for confirming the signatures and the good standing of the members. Such nomination(s) and supporting material shall be continuously posted in the registration area of the annual or special meeting.

Susan E. Kiniry, RDR, Chair of the Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Members:
Lillian Freiler, RMR, CMRS
Donna Cascio, RDR, CMRS
Nativa Wood, RDR CMRS
Kathleen McHugh, RPR, CRR