2020 PCRA Scholarship Program

PCRA to Award Scholarships as a Celebration of Court Reporting & Captioning Week

PCRA is pleased to announce they will again be awarding a $500 scholarship to two lucky students in celebration of Court Reporting & Captioning Week. Students currently enrolled in a court reporting program in Pennsylvania or a Pennsylvania resident enrolled in an online program are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Completed applications must be received no later than March 15, 2020.

Download the Application Packet


Congratulations to Our 2020 Recipients!

Jennifer M.C. Gale is enrolled at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC).  She is a proud Project Steno student, completed NCRA’s A to Z Program in 2018, and hosts a bi-weekly support group focusing on self-improvement as well as time and stress management.

In Jennifer’s Own Words:

“Now, I am in my second year of the program and I am feeling extremely proud of how far I have come.  I have continued learning about the freelance side of court reporting by working in a production department of a court reporting agency in downtown Pittsburgh.  More and more, I see that I will never stop learning about this profession, even when I am working with my certifications.  I love that there’s always more to know!  There’s always practice to be done, speed to improve, language that’s being created and evolved, clients to delight, and technology to incorporate to improve the effectiveness of the job.”

Ashley Pauline is enrolled at Luzerne County Community College.  She made the Dean’s List in 2018, received the 2020 Court Reporting Honor’s Award, and volunteers at a local animal shelter and for the United Way.

In Ashley’s Own Words:

“I’m proud to say that after a lot of years of work and support from my family, I’m back to where I truly belong. In this crazy journey of life, I learned so much about myself.  I never forgot what I learned in my first year of court reporting.  It will give me so much gratitude daily to be a court reporter and be able to truly shine to my full and best self in this career.”


Congratulations to Our 2019 Recipients!

There were 12 applicants and the decision was a difficult one.

Jennifer J. Ferenz of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, currently an online student at the Arlington Career Institute.  Jennifer maintains a 4.0 GPA, while working a full-time job and is currently in the 180/200 wpm speed class.  Jennifer also works as a medical transcriptionist and has transcribed committee hearings for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Ryan Freedman of Scranton, Pennsylvania, currently enrolled in Luzerne County Community College.  Ryan has been a Dean’s list student throughout the program and is currently in the 120 wpm speed class.  Ryan has additional education from the University of Scranton and also works while attending school. 

Congratulations, Ryan!